Crime Stopper Crimestopper Cool Start Rs4-g5 5 Button Remote Car Start Starter

Crime Stopper Crimestopper Cool Start Rs4-g5 5 Button Remote Car Start Starter

Crime Stopper Crimestopper Cool Start Rs4-g5 5 Button Remote Car Start Starter
Crime Stopper Cool Start RS4-G5. 1-Way Remote Start and Keyless Entry System with Trunk Pop. The RS4-G5 is our most popular remote start system. It uses (2) newly-styled brushed metal exteded-range 5-button transmitters to operate at a range of over 2000 ft. It uses (2) newly styled brushed metal 5-button extended-rangetransmitters to operate and has a range of over 2000 ft. The RS4-G5 is comptiable with Gas, Diesel and Hybrid vehicles and also includes safety systems to make it compatible with manual transmission vehicles as well. One of the best features of the RS4-G5 (or any of our remote start systems) is that it can be completely converted into a 2-Way paging system without having to re-wire any of the harnesses or removing the brain.

All you have to do is switch one of the 31 programmable options of the system and then swap the 1-Way antenna for the 2-Way antenna as well as the remotes. Since the antennas use the same wire harness, that wiring does not have to be removed either.

Once you swap the antenna and the remotes, you have fully upgraded to a 2-way paging system. Start, lock/unlock, pop the trunk or locate your car from virtually anywhere with your Smartphone. The RS4-G5 system has a special Smartphone data port which will allow you to add our MobileStart module to make your system Smartphone ready. By adding a MobileStart MS-3 module, your system will also allow you to locate your car via GPS through your Smartphone as well.

Now you can stay in constant contact with your vehicle at all times. All features are controlled using a downloadable app that installs onto your smartphone in minutes. Includes (2) new style brushed metal 5-button extended-range remote transmitters.

2-Way data port for easy data module hook-up. MobileStart port for easy connection to MobileStart MS-3 module.

Programmable 1-Way & 2-Way interchangeable (Programmable option plus antenna swap). Faster response time on remote for lock, unlock and start. Turbo Timer mode with hand brake activation. Programmable engine sensing modes: Tachometer (RPM), Tachless (Voltage) or Hybrid Mode. Smart tachless mode monitors charging system of vehicle to assure better start.

Gas or diesel engine operation. Manual Transmission mode with hand brake or remote activation.

Negative ignition, accessory and starter outputs. Minimum crank time adjustable in 0.1 second increments (0.5 - 4.0 seconds).

Programmable unlock pulse before remote start to disarm factory alarm. High-current 10 amp (+) or (-) parking light output with on-board relay. Negative horn-honk ouput with programmable 15-40 millisecond pulse time. OEM alarm arm and disarm outputs.

Remote start diagnostics through LED (Continues to flash error code until ignition is turned on). (2) Vehicle operation through transmitters. The item "CRIME STOPPER CRIMESTOPPER COOL START RS4-G5 5 BUTTON REMOTE CAR START STARTER" is in sale since Wednesday, October 21, 2015. This item is in the category "Consumer Electronics\Vehicle Electronics & GPS\Car Electronics Accessories\Remote Start & Entry Systems". The seller is "sterlingmotorsinc" and is located in Sterling, Illinois.

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Crime Stopper Crimestopper Cool Start Rs4-g5 5 Button Remote Car Start Starter